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1. Bills are sent out by text on the 1st of the month. All billed classes must be paid for in full whether attended or not. Billed classes are only not charged when Rhythms is closed due to personal holidays. If a child leaves, fees are payable up to and including the date that notification is given, that the child has left, however if a child leaves once fees have been paid, those fees are non refundable. 

To clarify;

If a billed lesson is cancelled due to, exams, shows, competitions, snow, flooding, no heating, illness etc, the lesson is still paid for. However if the lesson is cancelled because Rhythms is closed due to personal holidays or Christmas and New Year holidays, then the lesson is not paid for. 

All billed fees are non refundable, once they have been paid.

If we take part in a competition, all competitors who do solos, duets or trios are charged one extra class. All those competitors who do troupes are charged one extra class. Re shows all dancers who take part in Blackpool are charged one extra class on the day of the show. One extra lesson is charged on exam day , per child, per exam as well as a music fee , per child, per exam. This is to cover the running cost of the studio and to pay for the music persons time. 


2. The correct attire must be worn for all classes and for health and safety, all hair must be tied back. Please see seperate sub-page, titled Rhythms Uniform.


3. Respect must be shown to all members of staff, as well as fellow dancers, and the school.


4. No detramental comments or photos must be posted on any social media site, involving the school or any one connected with the school. 


5. All trophies awarded to pupils, from any competitions or festivals must be returned to Rhythms School of Dance before the child leaves the school.


6. Correct protocol and rules must be followed and adhered to at all festivals and competitions. This includes such things as, showing respect at all times and respect to other peoples property, supporting everyone from both our school and attending schools. Dancers and parents should behave in a professional manner at all times. At Festivals/Competitions dancers and siblings must be supervised by a parent or a nominated 'responsible' adult.


7. At festivals it is your responsibility to know where and at what time your child is dancing and to arrive at the venue in plenty of time with the correct costume and accessories. It is your responsibilty to ensure that you have available at the festival a suitable recording of your childs music for all their Solos,Duets and Trios.


8. At a festival,it is the dancers responsibility to register/report to the announcer at the side of the stage, of their intention to dance, prior to the section starting. If a dancer for any reason doesn't wish to dance in a section that they have been entered in then this must be discussed with Miss Joanne- not just text and Miss Joanne told that the dancer isnt coming. If it is agreed, then the dancer/parent must notify the announcer at the side of the stage that the child is not dancing. 


9. At festivals correct grooming is essential, costumes should be non creased and clean. All costumes must be agreed by Miss Joanne and deemed appropriate. Hair should always be very neatly groomed and up - NEVER in a ponytail.


10. Although costumes are purchased by the parents, it must be agreed that Duet,Trio,Troupe/Groupe costumes and props can be sold on, where necessary and passed down, when either a child leaves or they are no longer in that particular dance. This is not applicable to solo costumes and props.


11.An extra lesson charge is made to dancers participating in troupes, trios, duets or solos at competitions (one extra for troupes and one extra if a trio, duet or solo). An extra lesson charge is also made to dancers participating in any other show through Rhythms (ie Blackpool). No extra lesson charge is made for our own show .


12.It is Miss Joannes decision when a new solo, duet or trio is to be learnt and performed  - all dances are usually done at festivals for at least two years. Partnering for duets and trios is also the decision of Miss Joanne 


13. We have a diary at dancing class that we ask ask parents to write in when dancers are missing - this helps to plan lessons particularly during holiday times. If you dont write in the diary that you are missing and a private lesson is missed, unfortunately this will be charged.


14. Committment is a neccessity, especially if taking part in Festivals/Competitions/Shows and Examinations. Attendance is particularly vital when we have rehearsals away from Rhythms, dress rehearsals, the run up to competitions/festivals and lessons in our examination groupes. If a dancer is unable to attend then this should be discussed well in advance with Miss Joanne.   


15. Finally Rhythms School of Dance , also known as Rhythms Dance and Fitness Centre, is run as a private entity. Therefore if any of the above rules are broken or Miss Joanne feels it is no longer tangeable to teach a dancer, it is Miss Joannes right to ask the dancer to leave the school immediately. 

By attending one or more lessons you are agreeing to the above.